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A New Era

The end of every era ushers in a new opportunity.
Sunday, April 15th concluded the existence of the longest running conservative blog in the State of Missouri, The Source.
The Source began in the spring of 2006 and after countless posts, a couple facelifts and numerous examples of breaking news stories finds its permanent home here at
What began as an alternative to the numerous liberal blogs in the state, soon morphed into exposing Democrats and unearthing research that found its way into the mainstream media. For a period of time a collection of independent writers and researchers wrote for the Source and numerous employees, interns and guest writers such as the ever popular “Phantom” wrote in this space. But now it is time for a change.
I never learned how to post a story on the Source. I never typed a single word that was read by the nearly 500,000 visitors. Many times I proofed what would go on the site, most of the time I didn’t but left it to others, but it always had the same theme. That theme now has evolved as we, and I, have evolved.
Now in this space you will find a different type of blogging. You will read commentary by individual members of our firm, links to articles that, as a firm, we believe are impactful to the body politic and to our industry of political affairs. You will read positive articles about our clients, negative articles on our opponents, videos, commercials and mail pieces that we produce as a firm, and insight into what we do as an organization.
This space will allow our individual associates and vice presidents to communicate to their friends and family, clients and causes. This blog will allow them to grow their own brand and style within the Axiom umbrella. We are all excited for this new opportunity and direction.
Thank you for reading these past six years. We won’t miss the deadlines and lawsuits, we will miss the energy of a breaking story and the barrage of press calls about our content. But all in all, as We have grown from a firm that focused almost entirely on Missouri politics, to a firm that has ran campaigns in more than 40 states. We are proud to have 19 Congressional incumbents as clients and 3 US Senators. Our firm now counts over a dozen Fortune 500 companies as clients and has served on four Presidential campaigns. Just as our firm has changed, now is the time for this blog to change as well.
An era has ended; and now we embark on the new opportunities before us.

Jeff Roe, 4/16/2012

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